How to delete your account

Your account can be deleted, even if you accidentally delete your account. It is an irrevocable action that we are unable to undo.

To delete your account

  • Open doctorconsult-easyblood
  • Enter your login credentials & tap Login button
  • Tap Settings
  • Select Delete Account on the screen
  • Press Ok

To delete your account

If you delete your account:

  • Account retrieval is impossible after deleting your Doctor Consult account.
  • Deletion of information may takes within 24 hrs.
  • Backups containing your data may exist for recovery after the two-day period in case of a disaster or data loss incident.
  • Access to your Doctor Consult information is not available during this deletion period.
  • Certain log data may be retained post-deletion, but it will be dissociated from personally identifiable information.
  • Regular removal of specific identifiers prevents tracing back to your account.
  • Your information shared with other Meta will also be deleted.